Registration Categories

All occupational therapists must be registered with the College to legally practice and use the title "Occupational Therapist" or "OT" in Nova Scotia.

Registering with the College demonstrates that the individual respects the public’s right to safe, competent, and ethical care, and recognizes the College's role in supporting and monitoring practice.

All registered occupational therapists must renew their registration on an annual basis and ensure that all of their information on the College register is kept up to date.

Occupational therapists are entitled to use the designation OT Reg. (N.S.) if their name is on the General Register, or Provisional OT Reg. (N.S.) if on the Provisional Register.

To register, choose one of the following options:

The Canadian-Educated Application is for applicants who have completed their occupational therapy education in Canada and is not currently registered anywhere else in Canada, including new graduates.  

The Internationally Educated application category is for anyone who completed their occupational therapy education outside of Canada and is not currently registered in Canada. If you are currently registered in Canada, please see the Registering from Another Jurisdiction process. 

This category is for occupational therapists currently registered in a Canadian jurisdiction who want to apply for registration under the Labour Mobility Support Agreement (LMSA). The LMSA was developed by Canadian occupational therapy regulatory organizations to promote the mobility of occupational therapists within Canada. If you are not currently registered to practice in another Canadian jurisdiction, you may apply under the Canadian Educated Application process or the Internationally Educated Application process.

This category is for applicants that have been registered with the College previously but have surrendered their licence for a period of time, and wish to re-apply for a new licence.

All registered and licensed occupational therapists on Nova Scotia must renew their licence annually. 


**** During the COVID-19 Pandemic, COTNS expedited cross jurisdictional virtual care/telepractice via a Temporary Virtual Care Registration Category.  This category is now closed.  Please click here for information regarding the provision of virtual care into Nova Scotia****