Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee reviews registration decisions made by the Registrar in accordance with the Occupational Therapists Act and Regulations.  The Credentials Committee is also responsible for the development and review of registration policies and procedures to be presented to the Board for approval.

Continuing Competency Committee

The College maintains a continuing competency program to support, monitor, and ensure that occupational therapists in Nova Scotia are competent to practice.  The Continuing Competency Committee is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating the continuing competency program.

Practice Committee

The Practice Committee develops and maintains the standards of practice that occupational therapists are expected to achieve.  The Practice Committee also explores, debates, and provides recommendations to the Board on practice issues.

Investigation Committee 

The Investigation Committee investigates concerns about a member's practice that have been brought to the attention of the College in a proactive, fair, transparent, and efficient manner.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is appointed at the College's Annual General Meeting to oversee the election of Board Members.