Continuing Competency Committee

COTNS is mandated by legislation to develop and administer a peer assessment program including the assessment of the standards of the practice of members.

The Continuing Competency Committee is responsible for developing, administering and evaluating a peer assessment program for Occupational Therapists in Nova Scotia. This Committee has been hard at work for the past six years. In the future, registrants will be able to access information regarding this program through the Continuing Competency Program link on this website.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the College to oversee the Election of Board Members in accordance with the OT Act 7-14.

College Complaints Committees

Sections of the O.T. Act pertaining to the investigation and hearing committees are Sections 41 – 61. The Board appoints committee members in accordance with the O.T. Act Section 46(6) item (c) in order to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a proactive, fair, transparent and efficient manner.

Practice Committee

In accordance with the Occupational Therapists Act 6(2) d, e, f, 6(3)(b), 6(7), 6(8),16, the Board convened a committee to explore, debate and provide recommendations for the Executive Committee/Board of Directors on current Occupational Therapy practice issues relevant to the mandate of the College.

Credentials Committee

In accordance with the Occupational Therapists Act, the Board convened the Credentials Committee to deal with registration and licensing of members and applicants for registration and such other matters as may be provided by regulation in addition to the development and review of policies related to registration for presentation to the Board for approval.