Appealing a Registration Decision

Applicants may request a reassessment of a Credential Committee decision within 30 days of receiving the Credential Committee's recommendation by providing a written request to the Registrar.  The applicant may provide any additional documentation to the Committee in writing and may appear before the Committee with or without legal counsel.  The Credentials Committee will respond within 30 days of hearing the request for reassessment.

In addition, the applicant may request a further review of a Registration decision by writing to the Registrar to within 30 days of your having received the result of the reassessment by the Credentials Committee.  

COTNS is not able to change their eligibility criteria, but will consider any additional information you may be able to provide.

The applicant's review will be held within 90 days of the date that COTNS receives your request for a review.  You are entitled to appear with legal representation to present your review to the Board of the College.

The Board will issue their decision within 30 days of the registration review.