**** During the COVID-19 Pandemic, COTNS expedited cross jurisdictional virtual care/telepractice via a Temporary Virtual Care Registration Category.  This category is now closed.  Please click here for information regarding the provision of virtual care into Nova Scotia****



The Labour Mobility Support Agreement (LMSA) was developed by Canadian occupational therapy regulatory organizations to promote the mobility of occupational therapists within Canada. If you currently hold occupational therapy registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, you may apply under the LMSA. If you are not currently registered to practice in another Canadian jurisdiction, you may apply directly to the College.

Steps in the Registration Process

1.   Complete Labour and Mobility Support Agreement Confirmation Form

Ask your current regulatory organization to complete the Labour Mobility Support Agreement Confirmation Form.  Fill in the top Authorization for Release of Information portion of the LMSA Form and send it to the regulatory organization.  Your current regulatory organization will sent a copy of your transcript or ACOTRO SEAS Disposition Report, confirmation of completion of the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE), and a copy of any formal language tests that have been collected.  Contact the "sending" regulatory organization to find out if there is a fee for completion of the LMSA Confirmation Form. The College's fee for this request would be $40.00

2.    Application for registration

Complete an online application form and submit supporting documentation (see below).  The application form is a legal document. You must answer all sections completely and accurately.  Please read this page before completing an application form.  Unless indicated below, all supporting documentation may be uploaded electronically.

Evidence Required:

3.    Compile required documentation

Applicants for registration must be able to demonstrate that they meet the following registration requirements:

a.   Proof of Identity

The name you provide on your application from will be the name that is entered on the College register, and must be the same name by which your clients and colleagues will know you. Your registration card, certificate, and tax receipt and all correspondence from the College will all be issued in this name.

Evidence Required:

b.   Eligibility to work in Canada

In order to be employed as an occupational therapist in Nova Scotia, you must have legal authorization to work in Canada.  Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and individuals with Canadian work permits have the right to work in Canada.

Evidence Required:

c.   Demonstration of professional liability insurance

Every occupational therapist practising in Nova Scotia must have professional liability insurance coverage to a minimum of $5,000,000.00 with a legal expenses endorsement for investigation of complaints by a regulatory body prior to engaging in the practice of occupational therapy.

Professional liability insurance for OTs can be purchased through CAOT if you are a member of CAOT.  See the CAOT website for more information.  You may also purchase Professional liability insurance directly through an insurer such as AON Healthcare Advantage.

Many of the hospitals and health care agencies that employ occupational therapists purchase insurance that covers their employees while they are working for that agency. This type of insurance does not cover any services the OT provides as a volunteer or outside this practice setting.  You must ensure that this coverage includes a legal expenses endorsement for investigation of complaints by a regulatory body prior to engaging in the practice of occupational therapy.

Evidence Required:

d.   Demonstration of good conduct

The College has an obligation to protect the public and needs to be satisfied that you do not pose a danger to clients. You are required to declare any of the following:

Evidence Required:

e.   Payment of annual registration fee

The annual registration fee is $490.00 and the application fee for therapists from other jurisdictions under the LMSA is $50.00.  The fee may be pro-rated should you wish to practice for 3 months or less in a given registration year (June - May).  Payment may be made by cheque, EFT (, credit card or money order, payable to the COTNS in Canadian funds.

4.   Membership with the Nova Scotia Society of Occupational Therapists

The Occupational Therapists Act Section 27(2) requires that all registrants with the College pay the membership fees of the Nova Scotia Society of Occupational Therapists within one month of their initial registration and subsequently on the Societies renewal date; however, the College has determined that it does not have the legislative authority to enforce membership with the Society.  While the College recommends applicants and registrants maintain membership with the Society, the College will not deny or suspend registration for those applicants and registrants that choose not to pay the annual fee to the Society.  Please see this letter  for further details.

Evidence Required:

Self-declaration on the Application form.

Completed Applications may require 10 business days to be processed.

We aim to respond to inquiries within 1-2 business days; however, delays up to 5 business days may occur due to workload, business travel or vacation.  


You cannot begin working as an Occupational Therapist in Nova Scotia (including worksite orientation and shadowing) until you have received notice from the College that your application has been approved.