Ensuring Public Safety

You can expect quality occupational therapy services from a registered occupational therapist in Nova Scotia.  Only individuals who are registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Nova Scotia may use the title "occupational therapist".

The College ensures your safety in the following ways:

Occupational Therapists Regulation

COTNS is established under the Occupational Therapists Act, 1998 c.21 to protect your right to safe, effective and ethical care.

Here are some examples of how these regulations can protect you:


Consent is required for all care provided by registered health professionals, except when treatment is provided in an emergency situation.

Privacy and Your Health Records

Occupational therapists may not give out your information to anyone but you or someone authorized to represent you. You must consent to the release of your information, unless it is required or allowed by law.

Standards of Practice

The College sets the standards which occupational therapists are expected to meet in practice, it establishes a code of ethics and provides guidance to members to meet these standards