Competence Maintenance

The Competence Maintenance portion of the Continuing Competence Program consists of two components.

1.  Professional Portfolio

The purpose of the professional portfolio is to document past and present professional experiences that have shaped your current practice and to demonstrate an awareness of the standards of practice of the profession.

The following list indicates the type of documents that MUST be included in this section.

2.  Assessment of Current Practice

The purpose of this assessment of current practice is to provide occupational therapists with structure and tools to assess their current practice and identify areas of practice that need improvement· To provide therapists with structure and tools to design their professional development plan to ensure they continue to maintain their knowledge and skills in order to meet the Essential Competencies of Practice. 

Occupational Therapists are required to complete an assessment of current practice every 2 years and are required to retain their completed assessments, professional development plans and record of professional development activities for 10 years.

(Please note:  In 2012 it was changed from 1 year to 2 years and the binders do not reflect this change)