The Continuing Competency Program (CCP) of the College of Occupational Therapy of Nova Scotia [COTNS] is a quality-assurance program based on the belief that registered occupational therapists in Nova Scotia are competent professionals whose goals include maintaining and improving their level of competence based on accepted standards of professional practice.

CCP Components: The CCP has three components:

  1. Competence Maintenance:

               This is the reflective component of the Continuing Competency Program. This component describes the basic activities required by all members to demonstrate that  they are engaging in reflective practice and complying  with regulatory requirements. 

  2. Competence Review:

         This is the evaluative component of the Continuing Competency Program. This includes an evaluation skills, knowledge and judgment of members. (Under construction)

  3. Competence Improvement

                This component is the improvement component of the Continuing CompetencyProgram. It isdesigned to improve competencies of members identified through Competence Review as having competence level below acceptable standards.

                The tools and methods of assessment for each of the three components will be determined.


Continuing Competence Survey Results Summary 2007