Strategic Plan 2019-2022


To protect the public by ensuring and advancing safe, effective, and ethical occupational therapy practice.



Public trust in quality Occupational Therapy for Nova Scotians.


Strategic Priorities & Objectives   

1. Enhancing Collaborative Relationships

1.1.    Registrants are actively engaged in the College

1.2.    The public is aware of the role of the College

1.3.    College decision-making processes are open, transparent, and clear

1.4.    Public is able to provide input to inform College decisions

1.5.    The College identifies shared priorities with stakeholders


 2.      Pursuing Regulatory Excellence

2.1.   Practice Standards and Guidelines support critical areas of practice

2.2.   The College maintains an effective reporting and investigating process to address concerns with practice

2.3.   The College measures performance of its regulatory programs for quality improvement

2.4.   Committees are structured and supported to optimally administer regulatory programs

2.5.   The College demonstrates best practice standards for good regulation

2.6.   Pursue changes to the Occupational Therapists Act to enhance regulatory efficiency


3.     Advancing Quality Practice by Occupational Therapists

3.1.   Occupational therapists demonstrate competence through an integrative and comprehensive continuing competence program

3.2.   The College supports practice by providing education to registrants to meet College standards

3.3.   The College promotes quality improvement through education of best practice

3.4.   Occupational therapy students are competent through education that reflect essential competencies to practice